Some Recent Projects

From Concept to Completion!
  • 3D Electro-Optical LIDAR Cameras for terrestrial, aerial, and object applications
  • Handheld ARM Single Board computer with standard peripherals (audio, ethernet, wireless zigbee, RS-232 / RS-485, etc) and advanced power-up capability
  • EZ80 Single Board Computer with ethernet data reporting capability
  • FPGA based real-time GPS / IMU data filter and distribution with USB flash drive data logging capability for avionic use
  • Quilting Machine Robots and PID Motor Control Consultation
  • Electronic Resistance Weight Machine with complete touch-screen graphical user interface
  • Electronic weight machine data-logger with USB interface
  • Motorized electronic turn tables with automatic camera triggering electronics and a pluggable graphical user interface for use in 3D e-commerce applications
  • Electronic Adapter PCB's for LCD's and touchscreens with integrated backlight power control
  • Medical IV Stand Stabilizer
  • Embedded Web-servers
  • Verilog HDL DMX 512 Receiver with Integrated zero-crossing and high power lighting control
  • Verilog HDL Brushless DC Commutator with selectable trapezoidal and sinusoidal modes
  • 480W Integrated Planar Transformer
  • 400W 36V Off-line Switch Mode Power Supply with Type III Compensation
  • Medical Device Automated Test Equipment Hardware and Software
  • Digitally Controlled Bidirectional Differential Constant Current Injector
  • High Voltage / High Current Power Control Board
  • Triple HD Camera 128-bit AES File Encrypter and Web Server
  • High Efficiency Inductive Power Transfer